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10 RIDICULOUSLY Dumb Theives

10 RIDICULOUSLY Dumb Theives

10 RIDICULOUSLY Dumb Theives
10. Shoe Robber In Wichita, Kansas, Charles Taylor was arrested for robbing a shoe store at knifepoint and stealing a $69 pair of size 10 1/2 tan hiking boots on December 18, 1996. Now already this is dumb because he targeted a shoe store and only received a pair of moderately priced boots along with an arrest for his troubles but it gets a whole lot worse. Three months later at his trial, Taylor arrogantly placed his feet on the defence table. He was wearing a pair of size 10 1/2 tan hiking boots. The judge, James Fleetwood, was incredulous. ‘I leaned over and stared,’ he later said. ‘Surely nobody would be so stupid as to wear the boots he stole to his trial.’ But it turned out one person was that stupid. Taylor was convicted of aggravated robbery and sent back to jail without his lovely boots. Was it worth it?

9. Robbing a house filled with Black Belts Probably every cat robbers the worst nightmare. In Manizales, Colombia, a burgler thought it would be a good idea to rob the home of a Pan-American karate champion by the name of Cristian Garces. What makes this even worse is that Cristian wasn’t alone as he lived in this house along with her instructors and fellow karate-peeps. So when a burglar decided to invade her house in 2008 while every single one of Manizales skilled peers were present, they sprung into action and beat the absolute crap out of him before he could scream Auxilio! The thief already had a bag and a laptop computer, two digital cameras and other items of value that he left behind before attempting to flee but was apprehended by residents until police arrived. “I don’t think the thief was eager to continue robbing here, he was very scared,” said Garces.

8. Welding a Safe So in most films that include robbing safes, the most used method of cracking one open is by using cutting tools. Well On the night of August 23 in 1980, a well-organized gang of thieves began their raid on the safe of the leisure-center office in Chichester, Sussex, by stealing a speedboat and using water skis to paddle across the lake. Once they were on the other side, they picked up their equipment and paddled on to the office. However, what they thought were cutting tools turned out to be welding gear, and they soon managed to seal the safe completely shut. The next morning it took the office staff an hour to hammer and chisel the safe open again.

7. Wrong Fence In September 1989, Stephen Le and two juvenile companions tried to break into a parked pickup truck in Larkspur, California, However the owner caught them in the act started to peruse them criminals as he chased them and hailed a police car that was passing by. Le and one of his friends climbed a fence and ran. It soon became apparent that they had chosen the wrong fence as they found themselves surrounded by the property of San Quentin prison. The suspects were booked for investigation of auto burglary and trespassing on state property, although charges were never filed.

6. Shot himself in the Foot In Petropolis, Brazil in February of 2004, Carlos Henrique Auad broke into a bar near his home and stole a television set. A few nights later, Auad tried to break into the exact same bar with this attempt being through the roof. This time around however, he was carrying a gun. As he was climbing down, he slipped and fell and shot himself in the right foot. Auad went straight home, but failed to notice that he left a trail of blood that led right to his door. He was arrested by police who found the television set. He shot himself in the foot both figuratively and literally.

5. The Worst Lawyer Ever! In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Twenty-five year old Marshall George Cummings, Jr was charged with attempted robbery in connection with a purse-snatching at a shopping center on October 14, 1976. During the trial that took place the following January, Cummings chose to act as his own attorney. Now there is a reason criminals are always given the right to an attorney. Sure most times criminals will be given a public defender to plead their case but it’s better than nothing. Well Cummings decided to act as his own attorney and let’s just say that it didn’t end well for him. While cross-examining the victim, Cummings asked, “Did you get a good look at my face when I took your purse?” Cummings later decided to turn over his defence to a public defender which he probably should have done from the beginning. Well unfortunately for him it was too late. He was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

4. Robbing a Bank that Was Closed Liberty, Pennsylvania, USA, A bank robber was arrested after police said he tried to rob a bank that had already closed for the afternoon. 28 year old Christopher Allen Koch arrived at Citizens & Northern Bank around 11.40am and sat inside his car in the bank's parking lot for around 20 minutes. Now that alone is kind of dumb because it just looks way too suspicious. However, Koch have not done his research or not bothered to have looked at the banks opening hours that are posted on the bank's door. The day he decided to rob the bank happened to be a day that the bank closed at noon. He tried to enter the bank at 12.01 pm - a minute too late. He was wearing ski mask and gloves and had a gun. Employees inside spotted Koch and got a license plate number that led police to him. Koch was charged with criminal attempted robbery and possessing instruments of a crime.

3. Faking his death in a funeral home In 2008, a burglar broke into a funeral home in Burjassot, a small town just outside Valencia and tried to fool police by playing dead, but two ridiculously obvious things gave him away. Firstly, he wore grungy clothes rather than the Sunday best of those settling in for eternal rest and Secondly, he breathed. Yep...he’s that dumb! Neighbors living nearby alerted police when they heard the front door of the business being forced open in the middle of the night Police officers arrived with the owner, and eventually found the suspect lying on a table in a glassed-in chamber used for viewings of deceased people during wakes. The suspect's name was not released. Police said he had served jail time in the past for robbery.

2. Asking if there was money in the register before committing the crime In 2008, police charged 40 year old Daniel Glen with robbing a convenience store in Windsor, Ontario. Sounds pretty standard so far right? Well before he decided to rob the store, he called up the store ahead of time to ask the clerk how much money was in the cash register before showing up. The clerk alerted police, who arrested Glen nearby. Canwest News Service reported Glen was a suspect in two similar incidents where the thief called ahead to make sure the clerk had the money bagged and ready for him.

1. Robber who drove a STOLEN car to his court case Eventually we come full circle. So wearing boots you stole to a trial is bad right? Well This one is just downright idiotic. A 37-year-old man was charged with stealing a Lexus SUV after he drove it to court the day a jury decided whether to convict him in an unrelated auto theft charge. Police were suspicious after watching the San Francisco hairstylist walk to the car, parked in front of the courthouse, with keys in hand. The car also attracted attention as it had several Yorkshire Terriers mulling around it. The man was charged with receiving a stolen vehicle, receiving stolen property and charges of animal cruelty for leaving the dogs unattended in the vehicle. Meanwhile, the jury convicted the man of the original auto theft charge. He was charged with possession of a Porsche Carrera, valued at $125,000, that had been stolen from a San Anselmo home.
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