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Top 5 Bare Facts About Baldness

Top 5 Bare Facts About Baldness

Top 5 Bare Facts About Baldness

In this article we're counting down our picks for the top five most compelling facts about balding.

#5 hair restoration surgery works, but it will cost you

Some among us prefer not to take thinning hair and stride with the grace of Larry David. Maybe were vain or just afraid of getting older, or maybe they have a movie career and endorsement contracts to maintain. That reason might be why celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Bradley cooper and Tom Brady have reportedly undergone hair restoration surgery. and if you ask us we think they look great. we also have our strong suspicions that Michael Scott had work done after season one of the office.
The surgery involves removing follicles from the back of a person's head and planting them on affected areas of their scalp.

#4 Hair restoration product may result in failed drug tests

Balding is a touchy subject, and those who use hair restoration products more than likely prefer to keep the reference away from the public eye. nonetheless there have been multiple cases of just the opposite taking place, with athletes failing drug tests due to finasteride a pharmaceutical sold as proscar and propecia to prevent baldness ,the world anti-doping agency decided that the drug could be used to mask steroids and bandit from 2005 2009, Zack lost his spot on the 2006 Olympic skeleton team when he tested positive for an asteroid just days before you were supposed to compete.

#3 balding is a huge source of stress not just for men

21 million women had experience hair loss in the u.s. that year and 80% of women would have noticeable hair loss by age 60. That seemed like a natural progression your appearance has an impact on your life particularly for women 40% of women with hair loss said that it caused problems in their marriage, while 63% report that affect their career, the prospect of facing those difficulties is so daunting one survey found that 24% of women equated losing their hair with losing a limb.

#2 bald men are seen to be more masculine

The hairless amongst happen to be seen as more masculine than their full head counterparts, while we couldn't find any research that said bald men are actually more virile. a study published in the journal social psychology and personal science found that men with shaven heads were seen as more dominant and masculine.

#1 genetics is the main cause of hair loss but not in the way you think

If you want to discover whether or not balding is in your future, check out your maternal grandfather, if he has full head of hair you're in the clear, at least that's what the old wives tale says. Genetics is the number one factor involving, and those baldness genes come from the X chromosome, so your mom side is a major factor. But research has shown that men whose fathers are bald have a higher likelihood of developing baldness themselves. Ultimately jeans hormones and age create a cocktail of factors that decide when and what extent each and every one of us will be affected.