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TOP 10 WORST Plastic Surgery DISASTERS


TOP 10 WORST Plastic Surgery DISASTERS

TOP 10 WORST Plastic Surgery DISASTERS

Plastic surgery is pretty common today. In fact, if you just don't like something about yourself, whether it's your face, your stomach, whatever, you can just go to the plastic surgeon, and they can fix it like that. Of course, plastic surgery is, by far, the most expensive option to change your appearance, assuming it's something it's something that you could change otherwise through something like your diet to lose weight. Sometimes, plastic surgery does not exactly go as well as people would have hoped. Sometimes people end up looking like Mr.Potatohead.
So, today I am going to present you with some of the absolute scariest examples of people who have either had way too many plastic surgeries or just one or two, but had them completely botched. So, without further ado, here are the 10 worst plastic surgery disasters.

Number one is Maria Cristerna.

Maria Cristerna befor & after

Maria Cristerna, also known as the vampire lady, is a 40 year old Mexican born woman who suffered through domestic abuse from her husband until she left him and decided to make some drastic changes. She of course went to go get therapy and other forms of help but that just wasn't enough for her. She decided to go get drastic cosmetic changes including titanium implants that look like horns in the sides of her skull near her temples.
She also got implanted fang like teeth, large piercings, and extensive amounts of tattooing on her face and upper torso. But actually, Maria now travels the world as a successful DJ and even gives talks on domestic abuse to women in her hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Number two is Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace befor & after

This woman has had more handwork done than the very bag she creates. Donatella Versace is the head designer for the Versace fashion brand ever since her brother Gianni passed away in 1997. The 61 year old has undergone so many plastic surgeries on her body, it's made her look almost like a cartoon caricature of her former self. Over the years she has had everything imaginable done. Lip injections, face lifts, multiple nose jobs, one of which was botched, botox, laser resurfacing on her skin, I don't even know what that is, and multiple implants of every kind.

Number three is Pete Burns.

pete burns before

Pete Burns was the singer for the British band Dead or Alive who's best known for their hit single You Spin Me Round. The 57 year old became addicted to plastic surgery at some point during his career, and eventually got cheek implants, lip injections, and nose jobs. Back in 2006, on a British television special entitled Pete Burns Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares, he revealed that his doctors had actually botched a job on his lips, and he had to spend a year and a half and almost all of his money on procedures in an attempt to fix it. He actually ended up suing the surgeon for one million pounds and ended up settling for 450,000 pounds.

Number four is Amanda Lepore.

Amanda Lepore before

Amanda Lepore is a famous American transgender model, singer, and socialite who's been featured in several well known advertising campaigns for companies like MAC cosmetics, Swatch, among others. The 48 year old had her first cosmetic surgery done at the age of 15 and by the end of high school, she received a sex change. Since then, she received numerous procedures on her face and body increasing her feminine physical attributes.

Number five is Michaela Romanini.

michaela romanini before

Michaela Romanini is a 65 year old Italian socialite that has had nearly the same about of fame in Italy as Paris Hilton did back in the day in the US. Unfortunately, her fame and excessive attention to her physical appearance led to plastic surgery addiction at an early age. At a young age, she began undergoing procedures on her face and became hooked on receiving collagen injections, which made her lips inflated and oversized. Romanini is as famous for her surgeries and the drastic effect it had on her appearance as she is for her socialite status.

Number six is Jocelyn Wildenstein.

jocelyn wildenstein before

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a 60 year old wealthy art dealer and socialite from California who became addicted to plastic surgery after catching her husband cheating on her with a younger Russian model. Instead of divorcing her husband, like most women would do, she turned to beauty enhancement surgeries in order to keep him around. Hundreds of hours of surgery later, Jocelyn's face has become puffy and devoid of all ability to show any facial expression. She has spent a whopping four million dollars on her surgeries and some media personalities have even given her the nickname the bride of Wildenstein, which of course is a play on the name Frankenstein.

Number seven is Hang Mioku.

hang mioku before and after

Taking matters into her own hands, she began injecting cooking oil into her own face. After her self injection incident, doctors were able to drain most of the oil out, but she was left with facial scars and disfigurement.

Number eight is Erik Sprague.

erik sprague before

44 year old Erik Sprague, also known as the lizard man, is a freak show and sideshow performer best known for his body modification that he has undergone in order to look more like a lizard. The procedures that he had done involved implanting five Teflon steel bumps under each eyebrow and that's not all. He has stretched his septum and earlobes with oversized piercings, has had 700 hours of tattooing done, and split his own tongue in half lengthwise. In fact, he was one of the first people in the entire world to do it.

Number nine is Sarah Burge.

Sarah Burge before

Sarah Burge, formerly a British playboy bunny, is well known as the human Barbie. Since having undergone a total of 100 cosmetic surgery procedures within 20 years costing over three million dollars. The extent of those surgeries included nose jobs, butt lifts, facial liposuction, boob jobs, restructured jaw line, tummy tucks, eyelid lifts, chin augmentation, Yeah, she definitely earned the nickname Barbie, but her addiction to plastic surgery went way too far when she admitted to injecting her 15 year old daughter with Botox, and not only that, but she gave her seven year old daughter a certificate to receive liposuction and a boob job as soon as she turns 18.

Number ten is Dennis Avner.

dennis avner before

Dennis Avner was an American man best known for his extensive body modifications. After discovering that his Native American name means stalking cat, he decided to get any and all surgeries necessary to fit the name. So he proceeded to spend millions of dollars to get the following, brace yourself. Full body tattoos, including facial tattooing, facial subdermal implants to change the shape of his brow, forehead, and the bridge of his nose, flattening his nose, silicon injection in his lips, cheeks, chin, and other parts of his face, splitting his upper lip, filling and reshaping his teeth, surgically reshaping his ears to be pointed, surgical hairline modification, transdermal implants on his forehead to facilitate wearing whiskers, green contact lenses with slit irises, and of course wearing a robotic tail. The cat man passed away at the age of 54 in 2012.


So that's it, but I wanna know from you guys, which one on this list, in your opinion, is the worst plastic surgery disaster, or did I miss someone? Is there someone else out there that I didn't have on this list that is worse than the 10 that I put on here, I don't even know if I wanna know that, but I kinda do, so leave a comment below & if you like this article share it with your friends . Thank you so much.