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8 cute but deadly animals

8 cute but deadly animals

8 cute but deadly animals
8. swans, it's safe to say that no matter if you're scared of them or you love them swans are very beautiful and graceful creatures despite the name of this list these creatures are very Placid by nature but they're also contenders for parents of the year they would protect their young to the bitter end this can really be said for any bird as many birds have an instinct to protect their young when approached by a predator however other birds will eventually give up if the predator is too strong or dangerous to determine this is why the Swan is so dangerous as the Swan does not give up they'll keep going until either they're dead or the pursuant is whichever comes first these creatures which can grow up to 30 pounds in weight are very aggressive when they've been provoked and will fight you and hit you without a moment's hesitation now if you're on land you'll be able to just run from the Swans if they're attacking you however the real danger is for those who are unable to swim the Swan pushes you into nearby water they'll be quick to use the water to their advantage as swans have been known to fly over a perceived enemy and push them under the water until they drown as we said parents of the year.

7. chipmunk, who knew Alvin and the chipmunks were disease-carrying rodents there's no doubt about it these creatures are cute and cuddly the Chipmunks stands about six inches from nose to tail and has been known to berk suddenly into a harmonious melody okay we're kidding obviously but you get the picture while the most aggression you would probably see from these creatures is when they try to take food away from you they can be considered dangerous in other ways too yes they're not particularly aggressive creatures but we're talking about the possibility of harboring disease siberian chipmunks are said to be the worst for this as they've been reported to have habitats around many areas of the world bringing with them diseases such as Lyme disease and rabies while both are treatable if the disease is undetected and left untreated which is something that can easily go under the radar part and neurological problems can ensue followed by coma and death and really extreme cases that you won't watch that Chipmunks movie the same now no adjacently is probably infected with these diseases six elephants the elephant is truly a wondrous creature.

6. elephant, the elephant is truly a wondrous creature known as one of the world's gentle giants their peaceful kind loving and have been reported to have shown true emotion as they've been known to tier up whenever a mate or child dies with this said there's not a single creature on this planet that is perfect as even elephants have been known to be extremely dangerous creatures the biggest and most obvious problem lies in their gigantic size and strength should come as no surprise that every animal has a vicious side for example any dog has the capability to bite its owner and any cat has the ability to Claude and owners and for scratching its belly well if an elephant gets grumpy one sweep of its foot or joust of its tusk means pretty much instant death for anyone who's in its way it's been reported that a number of zoo trainers have died at the hands of these gentle giants the reason for this, is that they don't often take too well to being in captivity and it's been said that the increased levels of testosterone in males during mating season can lead to overly aggressive and uncontrolled attacks for seemingly no reason.

5. what hippo how can you hate these goofy looking creatures they look so lovable in the way that they've been portrayed in countless numbers of children's movies stories and cartoons while sorry kids but these creatures are stone-cold killers if you thought that a grey wolf was territorial over its land you haven't seen how vicious a hippo can get over it mud pie it's been reported that hippos kill people every year when they approach their territory whether unknowingly or knowingly as if weighing in at eight thousand pounds wasn't enough they can chase the person down experience of up to 20 miles per hour not scared yet well how about the fact that they have a jaw structure that enables them to clamp down at 6,000 pounds of pressure and k90 Federer's large as 10 inches yeah I bet you would like to get close enough to pet one now would you hippos are her board so they don't exactly beat people but they will not hesitate to bite you in half but they feel the need to be where the Hungry Hippos.

4. dolphins ok so dolphins have been compared to humans on a number of fronts they're probably the most intelligent non-human creatures on the planet as they can communicate with each other have the ability to learn new tricks play jokes and can almost use their fins as hands what's not to love hell they could even be quite friendly creatures if you were to encounter one up close dolphins however are also known for their insatiable sexual yearning and deep respect from others within the ocean now you're probably asking yourself out what do you mean deep respect well it has been shown on countless occasions that even the Seas most dangerous predator the great white shark is more than just a little intimidated by a dolphin why they must know something that we don't it's been Reported that dolphins can be violent not only have they been known to kill and maim their own young they also killed porpoises and play with their dead carcasses for no apparent reason other than that it's fun yeah that's pretty dark psycho dolphin stuff but that's not all as male dolphins in particular show aggression towards human else when there's a female involved again you may ask why well it's because male dolphin see human males as sexual competition all yeah don't get in the way a dolphin love.

3. chimpanzees ok so this one might be a bit obvious considering all the reported chimpanzee attacks the chimpanzee has long been thought of as somewhat of an ancestor to man they're the only mammals on earth with so many obvious similarities to us like the fact that they have opposable thumbs brain function and facial expressions very similar to us humans with all of these similarities however it shouldn't be too surprising to learn that they also have very similar tendencies towards violence just like us chimpanzees have been documented as having bloody huge with each other over territorial or other such differences it's been reported countless times that trained chimpanzee pets have been known to turn on their owners or friends causing severe damage such a mangled hands torn off limbs shredded faces and broken bones one drastic difference between a chimpanzee and human is that chimpanzees have a much stronger skeletal muscle structure as the chimp has as much as five times the strength of a human leaving little hope of defending ourselves should one decide to attack.

2. platypus it's pretty safe to say that the platypus is without a doubt one of the strangest mammals on the face of the planet with its strange appearance including such features as a big fuzzy body flat beaver like tail otter like feet a duck like Bill and cute BTW little eyes that say I could never hurt anyone you can easily see why people would be perplexed by it there are two very unique attributes of the platypus the first is its duck like Bill besides its most obvious use for scooping food it has built-in electroreceptors ability much like that of the hammerhead shark allowing it to find food buried within the sill its other unique attribute is a pair of 15 millimeter long hollow Spurs placed along the inside of their rear legs inside these Spurs is where you'll find a moderate toxin that can quickly infect someone or something that provokes them with a fleeing kick the venom is deadly for small animals and while not typically fatal for humans it has been known to cause excruciating pain that can last for weeks if not months.

1. the polar bear this one again is an obvious one that should really go without saying but stay away from these creatures yes they're absolutely adorable but no one is or ever should be dumb enough to get in close range of them the beautiful polar bear has appeared in everything from cartoons movies and television ads they're usually portrayed as playful soft fuzzy gentle creatures were Noble in their allegiance with the human race that and the fact that they apparently love coca-cola products fairly standard stuff to be honest while it must be said that the site of a polar bear sleeping on an iceberg with its paws punched around a coke bottle is truly cute this is the exact same creature that could slap the head clean off of an unwary arctic explorer the polar bear is the largest carnivore in North America weighing as much as 1,500 pounds and standing up to 10 feet tall on its hind legs it's been reported that around 20 to 90 people are attacked each year by the polar bear with no natural enemy a male polar bear has been said to have the strength to rip a 12 inch thick steel clean out of a 4-inch old as if it were peeling a banana for breakfast again we should not have to say this but stay as far away as possible keep watching the coca-cola ads if you want to see cute cuddly polar bears while keeping your head attached the rest of your body