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Amazing Facts About The Beatles

Amazing Facts About The Beatles

Amazing Facts About The Beatles

12. Their Band Name Before becoming the musical juggernaut that took the world by storm in the 60s, The band changed its name many times before they all decided on “The Beatles” as their band name. One name most people commonly know is the Quarrymen, However other considered names include Johnny and the Moondogs, the Rainbows, and the British Everly Brothers. It’s a good thing they stuck with the Beatles or else they may not have seen the same success they did. Although Rainbow ended up becoming a band that would skyrocket Ronnie James Dio’s career so who knows maybe it could’ve worked.

11. Writing for their Rivals Here’s something you may not have known. Did you know that both John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the very first hit single for their first major competitors, The Rolling Stones? “I Wanna Be Your Man” was released in 1963, peaking at number twelve on the British charts. Even though the song was a hit, It certainly didn’t reach as high on the charts as some singles The Beatles have released. Funny enough, John Lennon jokingly stated in an interview that, “We weren’t going to give them anything great, right?” Hey who could blame him?

10. The Name’s Origin So we’ve already covered some of the history behind the band's name but no one is 100 percent certain on where the name originated from. It seems a bit random considering their previous band names such as The Rainbow and Johnny and the Moondogs. It has been theorised by fans however that John Lennon liked the name the Crickets after Buddy Holly’s band. Other sources suggest the main influence was the Beetles, the rival gang in Marlon Brando’s The Wild One. According to this source, Lennon changed the spelling to “Beatles” to reflect Beat music and the Beat Generation.

9. The Beatles owned a freaking island! So how popular were The Beatles? Well it is common knowledge of how popular they were but just to show how popular they were, They were able to afford a whole freaking island! In 1967, the Beatles were knee deep in the middle of their substance abuse binge that consisted of both acid and weed, so naturally they decided that it would be a great idea to buy their own island. Hey why not they're The Beatles, They can do what they want! They bought a beautiful private island in Greece a la Onassis with the hopes of living there together, away from screaming fans. Now this is something you can understand considering how the band would get bombarded by mobs of fans by just setting foot out in public. Unfortunately, when the band broke up, they inevitably sold the island too. What a shame.

8. Music Helps Autistic Children Amazingly, Some scientists have suggested that several songs by the Beatles may help children with autism and other disabilities. Research shows that specific songs such as, “Here Comes the Sun,” “Octopus’s Garden,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Hello Goodbye,” “Blackbird,” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” and has show to have a positive impact on them and their behaviour. It must be said that John Lennon was dyslexic and legally blind, and during his youth he thought to have autism himself so this may have played a part in the writing of their music.

7. Abbey Road’s Original Title Abbey Road is one of the most recognisable albums in the world. Not only was it packed with many hits from The Beatles but is also one of the most memorable album covers of all time. That being said, we almost didn’t get this version of the album as both the title and cover art would have been drastically different. The band originally wanted to call Abbey Road “Everest,” They eventually changed their mind though when their record company suggested the band visit the Himalayas to shoot the cover there. Because of this, they decided to stick with the name of the street the recording studio was on.

6. Hey Jude, Hey Jude is without a doubt one of The Beatles’ most famous songs (Then again you can pretty much say that about almost any song they’ve put out). This fact is pretty well known. If you listen closely to the original studio version of “Hey Jude,” you will hear Paul clearly saying “Oh f***ing hell” after he made a mistake while recording the song.

5. Sgt Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Here’s another commonly known fact. The album cover for their 8th studio album “Sgt Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club” which was released in 1967 contains over 70 people and if you look really closely you can see that there are many familiar faces such as Aleister Crowley, Mae West, Carl Jung, Edgar Allen Poe, Bob Dylan, Stuart Sutcliffe, Aldous Huxley, Marilyn Monroe, Laurel and Hardy, Karl Marx, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, Albert Einstein, Marlene Dietrich and Diana Dors just to name a few.

4. By the time the Revolver album was ready for release in 1966, three of its tracks had already appeared on the 1966 American album Yesterday …and Today so the North American edition contained only 11 titles. The version released elsewhere had the complete album.

3. As of 2016, the Beatles still hold the record for the most number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100, with the record being a massive twenty hits on the charts. Elvis Presley and Mariah Carey share the second spot with eighteen number one songs each. The Beatles also hold the record for the most number one albums on both the US and UK charts.

2. Did you know we almost may had a Lord of the Rings film that starred the Beatles? Well as it turns out, The Beatles were Huge Fans of J. R. R. Tolkien’s work that they wanted to star in a film version of The Lord of the Rings. With Peter Jackson not even on the film scene at this time, It makes you wonder who they would have wanted to direct the film. Well as it turns out, they were also big fans of Stanley Kubrick and wanted him to direct the film. In a way you can kind of see how they loved by J.R.R Tolkien and Stanley Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick especially as some of their music videos have a similar visual aesthetic to Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange (and that’s it. I’d hate to see a Beatles song that includes subject matter from that film).

1. In 1970 it came to the shock of everyone that the Beatles had decided to break up without giving any explanation as to why they mutually decided to do so. Nobody can be 100 percent sure why the Beatles broke up. What we know for a fact, however, is that when Paul McCartney was asked why the band broke up, he claimed, “Personal differences, business differences, musical differences—but most of all, because I have a better time with my family.” It must be said however that the closest the band ever came to reuniting after their breakup came at Eric Clapton’s wedding when he married Patti Boyd in 1979. George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr played together, but unfortunately John Lennon didn’t attend.
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