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7 Random Things People Collect

7 Random Things People Collect

Chewed Nicotine Collection7. Already Chewed Nicotine Collection Okay so this isn’t the greatest way to start a list but have you ever heard of anyone rolling around a large wad of chewed up gum like it was a piece of unbaked pastry? Meet Barry Chappell, The man who has collected and rolled one of the largest wads of nicotine gum in the world. Chappell was on an international flight in which he started chewing Nicorette gum because he couldn't smoke. Since there was no place to put the gum when he was finished chewing it, he just held it in his hand and ended up forming it into a small ball with his fingers. Piece after piece, his discarded gum became a much larger ball between his fingers. It was at that moment when his idea came to fruition. Why not create the world's largest gumball and completely stop smoking in the process? Hey on paper it sounds incredibly disgusting but if it means stopping smoking, it’s not a bad idea at all. Six years later after starting his collection, Collecting up to 95,200 piece of gum and weighing a whopping 175 pounds, Barry was successful in his quest to stop smoking altogether.

Belly Button Fluff
6. Belly Button Fluff So although collecting wads of gum was disgusting, At least it served a purpose in helping someone quit smoking. This is just purely disgusting. 45-year-old librarian, Graham Barker from Perth, Australia has been collecting his own belly button fluff for the last 26 years.
He started his bizarre collection when he noticed his own navel lint one night and became curious about how much fluff a person produces. What he did to answer his own questions is he monitored his belly button frequently and collected whatever he could find. Contrary to what most people believe when they hear about his weird habit, Graham isn't obsessed with lint, nor does he spend most of his time checking his navel. He is only driven by curiosity, and dedicates a mere ten seconds a day to collecting the fluff, right before stepping into the shower. Shockingly with his 26 years of collecting, his extensive collection weighs just 22 grams. After being acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest collection of navel lint, his three jars of fluff were acquired by a museum for an undisclosed amount.

World’s Largest Barbie Collection5. World’s Largest Barbie Collection So it’s no surprise that theirs toy collectors out there that go above and beyond. Well this guy certainly does that as Jian Yang has a collection consisting of more than 6,000 Barbie dolls. Funny thing is you wouldn’t expect it when looking at the exterior of his tidy rowhouse as it gives no hint to what’s inside. The 33-year-old Singapore man favors minimalist decor, but the Barbies and 3,000 other dolls dominate three sides of the main room and spill over to fill nine mirrored cabinets in his dressing room and the shelves of his study. Although you might think he’s collecting for his own enjoyment, Yang is instead collection purely for professional interest in toys and consumer trends which is essentially a part of his job as director of strategy at Omicron Media Group. That being said however, his Barbie collection did originally start as a hobby as he began collecting at age 13 when he bought the Great Shape model in a turquoise Spandex gym outfit and striped leg warmers. He has spent 20 years and over £251,699 on his collection.

Eric Ducharme4. Latex Mermaid Tails Okay so it’s one thing to collect Barbie dolls and even rolling wads of gum into one massive gumball, It must be said that this one is just some weird fetish. When Eric Ducharme slips into his handmade fin to explore the crystal clear waters of Florida's natural springs as a merman, he says he's mentally transported, as well. Eric Ducharme’s life essentially revolves around mermaids as the Local Florida Resident states that he “eats, sleeps, and breathes mermaids” while physically looking and acting like one as often as time allows. Since he was a child he has been fascinated with mermaids. At the age of 16, he put on his first show while swimming as the mermaid prince in Weeki Wachee Springs' Little Mermaid show in 2006. As of today,Ducharmee runs his own business called Mertailor which specializes in the manufacturing of custom-made tails from silicone, urethanes, and latex rubbers like the ones he wears. Hey if it’s successful, you can’t really complain.

Super Soaker Collection3. Super Soaker Collection Okay I don’t care what you say, This is pretty cool! Take a look at Chris Reid's insane collection of Super Soaker water guns. The SuperSoakerr water gun was first introduced to the world in 1989 and quickly out-powered other water guns of its time. Essentially if you were to get into a Water Gun War and you had a supersoaker, You were pretty much guaranteed to reign supreme over other competitors! Chris Reid has collected somewhere around 340 Super Soakers overall, including about 240 unique designs along with other color varients. His very first SuperSoakerr, the green and yellow 50, was autographed by SuperSoakerr inventor Lonnie Johnson. I guarantee summer's must be fun with him if you and a group of friends wanted to get into a water gun war!.

Hot Sauce Collection Vic Clinco2. Hot Sauce Collection Vic Clinco owns what is one of the hottest collection on the list as he owns the world's largest hot sauce collection. This collection consists of more that 6,000 amazing bottles from around the world. This includes a rare bottle of “Blair's 16 Million Reserve,” which at the time of him showing off his collection was the hottest sauce on the planet. He stores these bottles in a condiments line of shelves that reaches from the floor to ceiling in the dining room of his own home in Phoenix, Arizona. As you’d expect, he would have already run out of space on this shelf so instead opts to use his cupboards and fridge to store any new bottles he has collected. He has been collecting the jars for the past 17 years and is widely thought to hold the world record for a private collection. Mr.Clincoo, who works as a staff cook at the Four Seasons hotel, said his most expensive bottle is worth about $900 as it is a one of a kind bottle and has said to have paid £400 for a single bottle. The man really likes his sauce!

Scalextric Collection
1. Scalextric Collection Man Scalextrics were amazing! Originally released in 1957, Scalextric sets were all the rage from its release up until recently as they are now seen as collectors items. Well the largest collection was sold in late 2008, and was reported to be the largest collection of Scalextric models in the world. This collection consisted of more than 1,000 cars, two-and-a-half miles of racetrack and countless accessories. The collection includes a rare blue Bugatti Type 59 and a yellow Ferrari Berlinetta GT250 and other 1,000 Scalextric models. The owner acquired his first Scalextric in 1957, when the brand was launched, and has added to it over the last half century. There are 80 boxed sets in the collection, including modern Spiderman and Knight Rider models. There is even one of only three known prototype Batmobiles. The auction of this collection raised £99,000 and is without a doubt one of the coolest collections you could have if you’re crazy for nostalgic playsets.
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